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Join our Open Day Mixology Classes in Los Angeles and get ready for shaking. Book on-line today! 
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Cocktail Mixology Classes LA

Classic Cocktails Classes 
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Join the Best Mixology Classes today!

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Mixology Classes LA offers fun Cocktail Classes in Los Angeles for the Mixology enthusiasts that  want to take home new skills, have a great time while learning and are not afraid to experiment  with flavours - and who knows, you might be 2014 Mixologist Of The Year! 

Cocktail Mixology Classes Los Angeles

We held our mixology classes at our intimate Los Angeles  venue located in Hollywood. With limited places available  (just 10 - 15 per session), it’s probably best not to leave it  until the last minute to avoid disappointment. Our cocktail  classes cost as little as $75 per person (gratuity not  included) - gift vouchers are available - the perfect  Christmas stock filler or Birthday Party gift! 
Team Building Classes
The perfect activity for your Team  Building Event - Cocktail Mixology Classes   in Los Angeles
mixology classes cocktail mixology classes in Las Vegas cocktail classes in Las Vegas
Open Day Mixology Classes LA
Bar Training Mixology Classes
mixology in LA mixology cocktail classes LA
Birthday Party Classes
Join our Mixology Classes in Los Angeles   and get ready for a night of serious fun,  Bachelorette and Birthdays  
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Join our Open Day Fun Cocktail Mixology Classes in Los Angeles

cocktail classes in LA mixology class in LA
Ever wanted to learn how to make the classic  cocktails made famous by Hollywood’s finest  superstars? Now is your chance, join our  Mixology Classes in LA and get ready for  shaking!
Modern Cocktails Classes
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Book a place in our fun Cocktail Mixology  Classes in Los Angeles and together we will  learn in a  fun and relaxed environment the  secrets behind the beautiful art called  Mixology!
Los Angeles Signature Cocktails 
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Join our Mixology Classes in LA and discover  the drinks made famous by local bartenders,  experiment with flavours and create your own  signature cocktail - a must for any Mixology  enthusiast!
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Mobile Cocktail Services Hire

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Learn the beautiful art of Mixology in Los Angeles with Mixology Classes LA. Ever wanted to get behind the bar and shake your own cocktail?
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Ever wanted to learn how to make your favourite cocktail, to learn how to shake and muddle  amazing drinks and have a great time while you are at it? We all watched Tom Cruise as a Los  Angeles bartender tossing and spinning his shaker, making good looking drinks and entertaining  the crowds - well, now is your chance to make it all happen. Book you place in our Next  Mixology Class in Los Angeles and you and your friends will learn the secrets of Mixology in a fun  and relaxed environment.  Please note, if you are looking for a serious session and a Graduation Certificate I’m sorry to  disappoint you - we are all about having a good time. At our Mixology Classes you will learn how  to make the most popular drinks under the “strict” supervision of your own personal Tom Cruise  (oh well, maybe not quite him but we dont mind asking for you - you never know)! 
Mixology Classes LA
The Perfect Team Building Activity or  Birthday & Bachelorette Party kick start.  Want to know more?
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Open Day Mixology Classes When: twice per month Where: Middtown Price : $75pp (gratuity not included)
Discover our Great Cocktail Courses in Las Vegas with Mixology Group USA - Discover Las Vegas! We also cover: - New York          - Los Angeles     - Chicago - Pittsburgh         - Las Vegas         - DC - New Jersey        - Atlanta            - Boston
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Mixology Classes LA 

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Mixology Classes Los Angeles

Mixology Classes LA Team Building Cocktail Classes Bachelorette Party Mixology Classes LA mixology class LA mixology class LA

Open Day Mixology Classes LA

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